A rollercoaster of emotions. Laughter, tears, determination, kindness and strength. I felt like I was hearing the story in person from the author, wanting to know more, wanting questions answered.
Inspiring and a great reminder that we all have the strength in us to be who we want to be, to live the life we want.


This book has been the most eye opening, raw, unedited, real read of 2020 or any other year.. I’ve never cried so much while reading a book. Considering it was based on true story, I actually cannot believe how the person who experienced all of this has overcome all of the lows...
This was the best book I’ve read in years and i finished it in 2 days. Insane story. Definitely worth a read, especially to understand how lucky and blessed some of us are. Thank you to the author for sharing this story with us. This was an incredible journey


The best novel by an unknown author that I have read in a long time. The story is compelling and vividly describes Nikki’s troubled childhood. Although it starts as the story of a victim, bullied and abused over and over again, it is ultimately a story of strength and success. To come from nothing, to have had the worst start possible in life and yet to achieve so much, is a testimony to Nikki’s character and determination. This story gives hope to anybody, no matter what they have been through in life. It’s never the end til you say it’s the end.


First-time author, Nichola K Johnson has delivered a novel that is engages you from the start. “Nikki” is an innocent whom the reader just wants to protect from the world. Nikki’s life goes from bad to worse and then some but she’s a fighter because she didn’t have a choice. While I loved the relationship between Nikki and her father Mark, what I loved most was Nikki gaining freedom, independence and success. I was really rooting for her character which is a testament to Johnson’s writing.

This isn’t necessarily a feel-good read but the character development of Nikki, from vulnerable to troubled to a focused, determined survivor is inspiring. I like that Johnson doesn’t use the old happily ever after trope but instead gives a real insight into being a child of abuse who gets lost in the system instead of protected.

I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. Buy it, read it and give us more Nichola K Johnson!


“This book was an amazing read! I couldn’t put it down, it is such a moving story and is inspirational for any young woman.”

K. Butler

It’s an extroadinary read that takes you on a journey of highs and lows. Draws you in completely. Honest touching and very courageous. Ultimately inspiring!

C. L.

This book was honestly amazing. A very heartfelt story with so many emotional rollercoasters. The book was perfectly written. Literally love the story and hope for more from Nichola K J.

Reece Jones

Honest and at times heart breaking to read her personal journey and relationship with her father will make you laugh and cry.

Elle Goode

You will get drawn into this story from the start and you can’t help but route for Nikki! She describes herself as shy and nervous in the beginning and then she grows up into this fierce goddess, she handles one thing after another and keeps going strong, so brave. The more you read, the more you get to know her and want her to win. Please write a second book, we need to know what happens next.

Aliya Kouri

I am lucky enough to know Nikki personally and even though she explained what this book was about so many times, I never knew she had it in her to write like this! I love the book and can’t even believe she wrote it, it’s so addictive, story after story. Please read it, it’s shocking but really motivational. Makes us feel like we can handle anything in life as long as we stay strong.


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