Whilst a friend of mine updates me on her current relationship status, she acknowledges the expression on my face which is strongly saying ‘are you sure about this?’ To which she laughs and replies ‘someone’s gotta love him.’ As I laughed with her, I stopped and thought, ‘what an interesting comment.’ I had to think, is this true?


While I do believe in love and that there’s someone for everyone, do we need to love that person if they mistreat us, make us feel doubt, or anything BUT beautiful? There’s a well-known saying, and I’m sure many lyrics of love songs would state that love is all we need, but is it? Does love justify poor behavior? Or do we continue to love when we are not receiving the love we deserve back? I actually commend my friend who has an amazing attitude to love and is very courageous when it comes to her open heart.

As they say, love is a beautiful feeling, but what happens when that bunch of roses now feels like a bunch of red flags? When wine and champagne is replaced with tears? Is it still ok to love? And once the heart repairs itself after its love cut, why are we not more cautious to protect it? What gives us the ability to love again and again after recovery? If I broke my leg after jumping off a 10-foot wall, I definitely wouldn’t do it again! My question is, does everyone deserve love?

The inevitable answer is yes, but what about when someone isn’t making us feel quite like Cinderella or Meghan Markle? Instead they’re making us cry, or are showing signs of disrespect, do they deserve love too? I’ve certainly been a victim of loving the wrong person when they really didn’t deserve it, so I don’t have the answer. What I do know is we have to be very careful when choosing who we give our hearts to and call love. We need to acknowledge the ‘right love’ rather than any love, and while the title of this piece states ‘someone’s gotta love him,’ just remember that ‘someone’s gotta love you too’ Nikki x

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