Whilst sat with friends over lunch one afternoon, someone politely asks ‘what do you do for work?’ I comfortably reply, ‘I fly for an airline,’ and happily return to my salad whilst my friend quickly jumps in on my behalf and shouts out ‘she’s a writer too!’ I kind of forgot about that and thought to myself, am I a writer, am I a flight attendant, or am I both?


I personally don’t see writing as ‘work,’ simply because I enjoy it, and it’s something I do in my own time, I don’t get an hourly rate, and I choose to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m pretty sure ‘work’ doesn’t work like that? So, are you a writer the moment you throw down that first word, that first chapter, that first thought? Or are you a writer only if you’re recognised, have a completed masterpiece, or gain some sort of remuneration? Debatable!

I’ve been told by many, you’re a writer the moment you write your first word. So, if I open my laptop, a fresh word document and type something really obvious like ‘the sky is blue and sometimes it’s grey’ does that make me a writer? YES!! Because that could be the start of something completely beautiful and you never know where that one phrase could take you. In fact, just for the challenge, I’m going to try and figure something out with that so watch this space! And while I’m thinking about this topic, I look back to the day I really did open my laptop, a fresh word document, and typed three simple words ‘Where is she?’

Not knowing those three words would be sufficient enough to create my first novel, so yes, the verdict is in! I am indeed a writer, a writer who flies for an airline. Nikki x

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