I wonder how I’ve found it ok to sit at home in my pj’s, sipping a glass of pinot grigio whilst watching re-runs of Sex and the City on a Friday night? I take a moment to gather my thoughts and think to myself, it’s absolutely fine cause I’m #chilling, yep that’s it, I got this all figured out. I grab my phone, photograph my glass of wine and post it online #chilling, and suddenly feel a moment of clarity. Although it’s not really fine, because rather than listening to Carrie Bradshaw having a mental breakdown over men, all I can hear is the helicopter circling above my house searching for criminals. Since when did South London turn into South Central LA?

Anyhow, I pause SATC and await reactions to my story. I scroll through my responses, ‘same here girl,’ ‘cheers,’ ‘enjoy,’ ‘do you,’ not to mention the endless list of emoji responses confirming it IS ok, because those who have responded so rapidly are doing the same right? I then think about my real friends and wonder how they’re doing, so I drop a quick WhatsApp message and feel good that I’ve made contact, and to my surprise, they respond within minutes too.

Why have our Friday nights come to this? Has social media, on demand tv, Netflix, uber eats, and everything else we can get by pressing a couple of buttons on our phones ruined it? And if your single, all you gotta do is grab that phone, press a few buttons and bingo! You’ve got yourself a date! More than likely a bad date, but a date all the same. I think we believe we’ve got everything covered, everything we think we need is just a finger pressing moment away. But let’s rewind back a few years, I’m thinking before smart phones, or perhaps when having a smart phone just meant you could play a couple of games.

Being home on a Friday night was alien to me, not speaking to my friends on a weekly basis was alien to me, dating guys from apps on my phone was alien to me, and if I was hungry, I went to the Chinese shop down the road, waited 20 mins for a special fried rice, and happily read the newspaper while I waited. What’s changed? Am I stuck in a rut, or am I happily #chilling? Either way I decide to let it go for now, my brain can’t take the pressure of trying to work it out. So, I take another sip of my pinot, put my phone down, get right back to Carrie Bradshaw’s breakdown, and feel validation that I’m not having a mental breakdown over men, but over my Friday night, which is pretty much a huge blessing. TGIF Nikki x

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