After 8-10 hours of walking up and down the aisle (the wrong isle can I just point out) with a constant fixed smile apon my face whilst I attend to call bell after call bell, a couple of high pitched screaming babies, a passenger on oxygen, a young girl projectile vomiting on the hour every hour, a drunken argument over seating positioning, and a stag group upset that we’ve run out of alcohol (it’s an all-inclusive holiday you’ve paid for my darlings, not an all-inclusive flight). I step off the plane in all glamourous form with my lipstick re-applied and my hair neatened, with no thoughts or memory of what just happened in those last hours.


I’m on my way to what I love about my job. ‘Downroute Time’, or as some call it in other parts of the world ‘Layover Time’. This is our time, time to beach, explore, engross in activities, eat, drink, sleep, party, or anything else you might want to do that rocks your boat. I personally quite like to explore, although I do love breakfast with a beach view.

All sounds like fun and games, right? There’s one small catch, ‘responsibility’ that big word we thought we’d left behind on the aircraft. As much as we’re ready to run riots, there’s an element of keeping ourselves and our belongings safe we have to think about. A huge part of what they call #crewlife is feeling and looking great downroute, especially for that all important ‘insta snap’, but there’s a few do’s and don’ts we adhere to.

Jewellery and accessories are crew’s best friend, a great way of jazzing up a simple outfit we probably wear over and over, and of course much easier to pack than more outfits. However, for days out, make sure you leave your expensive goodies in the hotel safe for your evening dazzle, and opt for more cost-effective options when walking around town to be safe. All hotel rooms have a safe hidden somewhere at the bottom of a wardrobe or in a cupboard next to the fridge where you tap in a personalised number to keep valuable belongings locked away.

Back packs are also very cute and currently on trend. I would personally suggest a bum bag, or over the shoulder bag worn to the front, this way I can keep my eyes on things while wandering the streets trying to fit in as normal, rather than the obvious ‘I’m a tourist’ look that everyone recognises. Sadly, I've seen cases where a back pack has been cleverly slashed with a knife from behind and all belongings lost, so be careful.

We are known for our desire to cram in as much fun in a short space of time, locals are generally quite proud of their home surroundings, and like to offer their expertise, or fancy themselves as a travel guide. Always speak to hotel staff or a registered tour guide for your touring options, locals can be lovely and happy to advise or assist, but don’t forget, not everyone has good intentions.

Stick to these master plans and you'll have a fantastic travel experience without ever feeling compromised.

In my whole flying career I've never felt compromised and I'm thoroughly enjoying my journey. I've seen places I'd have never seen if it wasn't for my chosen career, and each time I feel I have a favourite destination, somewhere else surprises me. I quite like Bermuda for its Caribbean/British influenced uniqueness, an island that sits alone in the middle of the Sargasso Sea where the sand is pink! However, there’s a chance that could possibly change, just like day to day life as cabin crew.

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