Nichola K Johnson, born and raised in South London grew a love for the arts, music and books as a child and fell in love with the very first big book she ever read, C.S. Lewis’ fantasy novel ‘The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.’ ‘In my early years, I always wanted to explore another world where the candy universe in my mind could become real’ she says.

With a diploma in Art, Fashion, Design & Technology she possessed a creative mind from an early age, and although choosing a career path selling property, she capitalised on her creative ability by writing articles on London’s property market, economic conditions, and predicted forecasts for a well-known property magazine and was featured on many occasions.

Surprised by the positive reactions and feedback on her articles, she realised she indeed had a ‘hidden talent’ and began jotting down her early experiences in journal format which evolved as her debut novel ‘Sounds of Diamonds.’

With her passion for writing and her desire for a more comfortable work/life balance, she now travel’s the world as airline crew which she says widens her horizons and gives her the freedom her mind needs to feel inspired to write.

Nichola is currently working on her second novel.

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